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Organic coated steel

Regular polyester

Galvanized steel strip is painted and baked twice in color coating lines. Excellent pre-treatment and coating processes ensure high corrosion resistance, formability, attractive appearance. Used mainly in exterior building materials, electric appliances and furniture.
It has good corrosion resistance and superior processing properties.

Structure of metal sheet

The thickness of the finish coating is 15-25 micron. Due to the strict observance of the technology it is well rollformed on roofing tiles lines with the most severe bending radius, resulting in no peel-off and crack.
Due to usage of high quality paints, this coating is relatively strong to UV rays and weathering, which is supported by the mill’s warranty for 10 years.

– Prepainted steel sheet is coated or baked with paint containing polyester resin.
– Most widely used. Generally, displays superior workability, durability, and weather resistance
– Used a variety of purposes, offered in a wide array of colors and degrees of polish.
– Sandwich panel, lightweight partition, roof panel, water gutter, shutter, door, boiler cover, iron frame furnitures.
Color variations